Christianity is more than a lifestyle. It’s about a relationship with God. The King of Judah’s mission is to empower His name on Earth through apparel. Our original designs exalt Him and gather like-minded people in one faith.

The name “The King of Judah” comes with the genealogy of the greatest kings from the Bible in mind: David, Salomon, and Jesus. David and his son were flawed, but they found favor in God’s eyes because of their good heart. Jesus, the son of God, came to Earth as a human to save us from our sins. Together, they fulfilled God’s plan as we hope we find our purpose through God’s eyes.

Community is important to us, so we will donate a percentage of our profits to a charity organization to clothe the children in Sofala Mozambique. You can also contribute to this cause by clicking here!

God says: “Give, and it will be given to you” (Luke 6:38)

Thank you for your support!

Paula Messias

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